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The Nature’s One Company is definitely the leader in Organic Medical Foods. They launched the first organic baby formula over ten years ago. Both healthcare professionals and parents have helped the company to have an outstanding reputation. Nature’s One baby formula is called Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula. You can purchase the formula in powder form, and a 12.7-ounce container of the powder will make 80 fluid ounces. You can also purchase Nature’s One formula in single serve packets. Each packet makes 4 fluid ounces. The packaging for Nature’s One is 100% BPA free.

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Mothers of today want to give their babies the very best formula. Unfortunately, many moms continue to use the brand of formula they were given at the hospital, thinking that the doctors and nurses have more experience in knowing what type of formula is best for their baby. Other mothers think outside the box. They read the label on that hospital-recommended formula, and know that there has to be a safer and more nutritious alternative.

Nature’s One formula uses only the very best in organic ingredients, including organic milk that is straight from organic family farms. Unlike other organic formulas, Nature’s One does not use ingredients that are less desirable inclusions in baby formula, such as organic palm olein oil, organic corn syrup, and hexane processed DHA. Mothers who use Nature’s One Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula have reported less gas and fussiness as well as less diarrhea and spitting up.


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The very best organic choice for feeding a baby is of course breast milk. Baby’s Only Organic is labeled for toddlers to stress breastfeeding as the best first option. For babies that are less than 12 months of age, you should use Nature’s One formula as directed by a healthcare professional. Most doctors will give Nature’s One formula a thumbs up once they read the ingredients list. Nature’s One Formula does meet the nutritional requirements for infant formulas that are sold in the United States.

Parents who would like to save money on baby formula will be pleased to learn that there are Nature’s One online coupons available for the product. The best place for you to find those coupons is right here at this web site. These free coupons are very easy to obtain, as they are printable coupons that you print yourself. Nature’s One coupons will save you money!